YouTube Video Contest


Video Contest Guidelines 

1. You must use one of these songs: “Goober Peas” by Rickey E. Pittman from his CD Bard of the South (you can get this on iTunes) or “Ima Hogg Boogie,” also on the same CD and on iTunes.

“Goober Peas” tells of a love for peanuts!  “Ima Hogg Boogie” tells of the most famous Texas Hogg in history, a young girl named Ima!

2.  You or you and others must create a video to go with the song you select. You can use a constant video, or go picture to picture (PowerPoint easily can become a video), or even use original art work.  You can be in costume or regular clothes and you may use props and masks. It can be made inside or out.  You can lip-sync (i.e,. pretend that you’re singing) or sing out loud along with the song or with the chorus of the song (that would work best). Watch a few Youtube videos to get some ideas. You can tell a story in text or in pictures on the screen.  The main idea is to create something funny, fun, and that goes along with the song.


1. It must be posted on Youtube no later than May 20, 2012.

2. You must give credit on the first and last slide or frame of the video like this:

“The Ima Hogg Boogie” a song by Rickey E. Pittman,


“Goober Peas” a song by Rickey E. Pittman,

3. You must list all actors at the end of the video as well as the school and city and state you are from. You must give your video a unique name.

4. There must be NO profanity or anything inappropriate anywhere in the video. This should be viewed as a school project.

5. You must email me at and tell me the video is posted and give me the link. It should look like this:

In fact, watch this video to see how I made a video to fit my friend Jed Marum’s song.  If you win, I will contact you by email and make arrangements for you to receive your prize.

6. This contest is only for students from 4th grade to high school. I may have a college contest at a later time


First prize: $50.00 in cash

Second prize $25.00

Third prize: A CD of your choice (I have two, Bard of the South, and The Minstrel Boy by the Bard of the South—You can see their song lists on my website.)