Veterans Memorial Monument at Rochester Texas

In September 2015, my mother and I visited our relatives in Earth, Texas in the Texas Panhandle. On our return to her home in Kemp OK, she asked me to take her to Rochester, Texas to see the Veterans Memorial there as my father Amos Eugene Pittman’s name was listed among the veterans.  I decided to post the photos I took of the monument as there is virtually nothing on the Web about this memorial. Email me if you like it or would like to send me something to add to this post: rickeyp at The first photo is of  of my mother, Jessie Fae Pittman (on right) and Jane Short. Jane and her daughter Linda have worked extensively with the Veterans Memorial.


Old Rochester, Gone with the Wind


Jane Short (left) Jessie Fae Pittman (right).

The second photo is inside the Rochester Quilting Society’s building, adjacent to the memorial. Inside is a mural of old Rochester. My mother remembered the theatre and worked at the drugstore when she and Daddy lived in Rochester after they were married.

stone 1

Stone 1


Stone D-H

Stone 3 H-L





Here are photos of the stones listing the Veterans. Someday I hope to print a list of the names that you can download

last stone

Last Stone


Stone 2 B-D

museum house

Rochester Train Museum


Memorial Courtyard

muriel outside

Mural on wall of Quilting Society next to Memorial