The Writing on Europe’s Wall: Thoughts on Open Door Immigration

In the Bible, in Daniel Chapter 5, Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, was feasting and praising foreign gods using the  golden vessels that had been taken from the Jewish Temple. God was not pleased at this insult. A hand appeared and it wrote upon the plaster wall, Mene Mene Tekei Upharsin. The prophet Daniel was called in to interpret. The message was: Thy kingdom is divided & given to the Medes & Persians.

The flood of Muslim immigrants into Europe has caused the writing to be written on the wall for several nations and the message given to Belshzaar applies to Europe. European countries  are about to lose their identify, their safety, their culture, their values, and prosperity because of these immigrants. These foreigners did not immigrate to become Frenchmen, Germans, Danes, Swedes, etc. They did not come to assimilate or to become citizens who contribute to their new homes.  There may be a few exceptions, but largely they only came for the handouts and benefits.

European countries wanted to be generous and nice, but instead they’ve opened a floodgate that will be very difficult to close. Those they were nice to are emptying the nations’ coffers, creating riots, destroying property, committing acts of terrorism and crime, compromised the safety of  their citizens, and contributed very little to the general good.  This situation and conditions will not improve on their own and will only grow worse with more immigrants who are sure to follow the waves of  this Islamic riptide.  The open door policy is a Frankenstein, a monster that will hunt down and destroy its makers.

Europeans really only have two choices: Stop the immigration or surrender in defeat. Stopping the immigration might provide some stabilization if those present will assimilate properly, but I see no call or incentives  for the immigrants to do this. Deportation, while rife with difficulties, might return the affected nations to some normality.  Yet, the will required to return these aliens to their lands must be strong enough to see it through.

I doubt the will is there. The second law of thermodynamics seems to be at work: Anything left to itself deteriorates. A nation can die a long, slow death if it does not protect itself from those who invade it. Porous borders killed Rome. It will kill Europe too.

One has only to look at the nations who have not allowed these hordes to enter their land to see the benefit of stopping the immigration and repairing the damage the open door policy has created.

I hope Europe can see the writing on the wall.