The South Wind by Jed Marum: A Short Review of Marum’s New CD

jedmarum14I’ve long been a fan of Jed Marum’s music and songwriting. His technique is flawless  and versatile, whether flatpicking or finger picking on guitar, banjo, and banjola. He is a road warrior–traversing the nation  with his songs and stories for audiences of all ages.

Of all Marum’s CDs, I feel that he has produced his masterpiece with The South Wind (Though Cross Over the River is a close second).  This CD, released on March 17, 2013,  captures the spirit of the South and succinctly communicates what it means and what it feels like to be a Southerner.

Marum’s songs tell stories that are the fruit of his constant reading and research into the War Between the States. These songs are historically accurate and the lyrics are vivid–often sharp enough to cut the heart.  The songs take us into Arkansas, Virginia, Missouri, and force us to look at the War through the eyes of those who lived it, who were brutalized by it, and who died because of it.  Jed’s been working on this CD for a few years. It has a South Positive message.

Performing with Marum in various tracts are Linda Relph, fiddle; David Lovrien, whistles; Lary Leghorn Fowler, highland pipes, and the Student Choir from  Northfield School of Wichita, Kansas.

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