The Discovery of Joy by Yvonne Erwin: A Short Review

The Discovery of Joy by Yvonne Erwin: A Short Review

discovery of joy
The Discovery of Joy
  is a first novel by Yvonne Erwin.  I think this novel will help set her on her way as a romance writer.  And yes,  this is a romance novel—reminding the reader of how easily and quickly one can fall in love and the price one may have to pay for those forays into love’s territories.

Erwin writes with a strong sense of narrative, a style that reminded me of Candace Bushnell. In her writing, I see scenes rich in vivid imagery and emotion. For example, the early scene of the moving van is one that will not be easily forgotten.  Many of the scenes are quite sexy and she accomplishes this without being graphic.

After reading the book, I feel like I know the characters well, even down to the interior conflicts and conversations—the talks  and questions we have as we experience life and question our own value and sanity. The reader will gain insights into what Erwin describes as the “caustic void” of the legal world, and the heart-rattling realities of divorce. Erwin’s writing causes us to think about the angst, the secrets, the lies, the memories, years and “twisted, gnarled roots of our life” that sit between people. There is a wide variety of characters that the reader is sure to identify with in this (to borrow a phrase of Erwin’s) “waltz of discoveries. The reader will encounter the sincerely religious, the crazies, the cruel, and the fair-weather friends.

Though there are men who are key characters, this is a story about women—the women of Springfield, Missouri.  We discover their self-doubts, the struggle with self-image, about what a woman feels when she is caught in the rut of a dead-end job and existence, how it feels to be fired without explanation, and how marriage can be a paradise or a nightmare, exceeding or disappointing our expectations.

If you are a reader or a writer of romance, you are sure to enjoy, The Discovery of Joy by Yvonne Erwin.

Yvonne Erwin, a contemporary women’s fiction writer, lives in Springfield, Missouri.  Erwin is not only an accomplished writer. Her passions also include reading, writing, gardening, cooking, photography, traveling and experiencing new adventures. She lives with a busy black lab named Ella and her two sons. She is a member of the Springfield Writers’ Guild and Ozarks Romance Authors. The novel will be released February 2, 2015! You will be able to find it on and Read more about Ms. Erwin on her blog,