The Bard of the South at Beaumont Public Library

On Friday, June 14, the Bard of the South presented his Scots-Irish program to an audience of 145 at the R.C. Miller Branch of the Beaumont Public Library.  Here’s an endorsement I received from the Scottish Society there about my program:

Thank you Ms. Brister [Amelia Brister is the children’s librarian there who scheduled me for the program] for the storytime featuring Rickey Pittman and his Scottish Storries and songs.We thoroughly enjoyed The Bard of the South!  He had so much historical information to share about culture, music, and life during many periods of European history.  He also tied the history of the Scotch- Irish and their  the immigration of Texas. The little ones will be looking for leprechauns in the grass of Southeast Texas!–Sincerely,  Marilyn Manson Hayes, Beaumont, TX


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