Students’ Favorite Songs in Texas History Presentation

As my two-week tour to promote my new book, Rio Grande Valley ABC, draws to a close, I noticed in all the schools I visited the favorite songs in my Texas History Presentation were “Texas Tornado,”  “Goober Peas,” “The Ima Hogg Boogie,” “Don’t drink the Water,” and “Miss Rio Grande Valley.” 

When the students do the songs, I organize a little percussion band to accompany while I play my guitar and sing, teach them the Goober Dance for Goober Peas, to Boogie-woogie to the Ima Hogg song, and have them create a new dance for the “Texas Tornado” song I sing.  I’ll have some photos to post of my tour very soon.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Rickey Pittman, Bard of the South

Rio Grande Valley ABC