Snowflake Poem

I’m a little snowflake,
And quite a Democrat,
I live in mom’s basement,
I bet you can’t say that!

I’m a little cupcake,
I cried when I heard the news,
that Trump was our President,
And Pence is with him too!

My hair’s on fire from this election,
So I’m torn up with stress,
Therapy dogs hug me in my safe place,
And helps me through this mess.

My professor gave us crayons,
And hot cocoa when we cried,
She said it was the Russians’ fault,
And what Trump says is lies.

We snowflakes march together,
We chant and make pretty signs,
We’ve learned from our college,
How to keep America in line.

The DOC’s homeless thugs,
Protest and pick fights,
We snowflakes cheer them on,
Because our cause is right.