Should the Confederate Flag Be Banned & Statues Removed?

The recent anti-Confederate hysteria demanding that the Confederate Battle Flag be banned and statures of Confederate leaders be removed is band-wagon illogic, fed by historical ignorance. cheap albion gold As someone who had Southern ancestors on both the Union and Confederate side, I’ve thought long and hard about this. buy albion gold Here’s a cartoon I found that makes a good comparison of this mindset to that of the Taliban: taliban_mindet To say that the War Between the States was started to end slavery in the South overlooks the fact that five of the Yankee states fighting the South were slave states till the end of the war, that slavery was legal in Lincoln’s own capital for half the war, and that General Grant, the Yankee commander, had slaves and that Robert E. buy albion silver Lee, the commander of the Army of Virginia, did not. Yet many want to take down the statue of a man who did not believe in slavery? The war was started over the issue of whether Southern states (who had each joined the Union voluntarily) could leave the Union. If the North had not invaded the South, there would have been no war. albion silver The Southern states wanted to leave and the North said “We are going to make you stay.” The only way to correct the Hollywood and politician agenda-filled propaganda that the war was started to end slavery in the South will be in Southerners doing a better job of educating children and American citizens in the future about the true cause of the war. cheap albion silver The South has always had a great appeal to people. buy albion gold I’ve talked to many museum gift shop managers and they candidly say that Confederate items and books outsell Yankee items. cheap albion gold I’ve made many school presentations and found that the students have a great interest in learning about this war that changed America. To help them learn more about the Confederacy, I wrote an ABC (Alphabet) book entitled, The Confederate Alphabet. albion gold You can take a look at it on Amazon HERE, at Walmart HERE, or you can order a signed copy from me HERE.