Shady Grove Lyrics: Suzy Boggus Version

Suzy does this song in C#Minor. Capo on the 4th fret. The chords would be:

Am, G, Am, C, G, Am  throughout. 

She stars with the CHORUS:

Shady Grove, my little love

Shady Grove I say

Shady Grove, my little love,

I’m bound to go away


Cheeks are like a blooming rose,

Eyes of the deepest brown

She’s the darling of my heart

Stay till the sun goes down.


 Verse 2: 

I went to see my Shady Grove

She’s standing in the door,

Shoes and stockings in her hand,

Little bare feet on the floor.


Verse 3: 

I wish I had a needle and thread

As fine as I could sew,

I’d sew my true love to my side

And down the street I’d go.


Verse 4:

I wish I had a big fine horse,

And corn to feed him on

And a pretty girl to stay at home

To feed him when I’m gone.


Verse 5: 

Peaches in the summertime

Apples in the fall.

If I can’t get the girl I love,

I don’t want none at all.