Rude Dude’s Book of Food: Stories Behind Some of the Crazy-Cool Stuff We Eat by Tim J. Myers

Rude Dude’s Book of Food: Stories Behind Some of the Crazy-Cool Stuff We Eat by Tim J. buy albion silver Myers UnknownIn the age of Dr. cheap albion silver Oz and the Chew, when it seems Americans are starting to actually think about what they eat, I have at last found a book about food that is informative, interesting, and fun to read. albion gold Tim J. Myers has created a book that will keep your eye moving with the illustrations he created and will keep your mind focused and curious through the content and construction as you ponder what this creative writer will say or surprise you with next. albion silver Using poems, personal and historical anecdotes along with inserted notes on food superstitions, surprising foods of the world, lesson ideas for teachers (with standards and benchmarks identified), and quizzes, Myers will make you laugh and think about the food we eat. You can view and order the book on Amazon HERE: 81IpsUj7clL._UX250_Tim Myers is a writer, songwriter, storyteller, and senior lecturer at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. cheap albion gold His ebook “Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood” (Familius) won the inaugural Ben Franklin Digital Award and is out in a print version. cheap albion gold He recently placed a full-length poetry collection, “Dear Beast Loveliness: Poems of the Body,” with BlazeVox Press. His children’s books have won recognition from The New York Times, NPR, the Smithsonian, Nickelodeon, and others. buy albion gold He’s published over 120 poems, won a first prize in a poetry contest judged by John Updike, has a poetry chapbook out (“That Mass at Which the Tongue Is Celebrant”), won a major prize in science fiction, has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, and has published much other fiction and non-fiction for children, adolescents, and adults. buy albion gold He also won the 2012 SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for Fiction, and the West Coast Songwriters Saratoga Chapter Song of the Year award.