Rey Antonio and Rey Feo by Kena Sosa: A Short Review

As a native Texan, a children’s author, and a storyteller, I am always impressed when I find a wonderful new (at least to me) children’s book and children’s author. Rey Antonio and Rey Feo, written by Kena Sosa and illustrated by Jessica McClure, was a serendipitous find for me. The book relates a story of San Antonio’s ten day  Fiesta, held since 1891 in April.

The author’s language and style of writing  is lively and sensory. The story tells of a family’s adventure and their experience of the San Antonio Fiesta.  The story is told in both English and in Spanish.  This bilingual approach makes it a fine book for ESL students or for students wanting to learn some Spanish in the context of dialogue.

The story is followed by a Fact File, a list of sources one can consult for more information on the Fiesta, and a glossary of Spanish terms used. McClure’s beautiful artwork follows and illustrates the narrative well. With this book, Sosa, a Dallas educator, has proven she knows how to create a good story and communicate it effectively to both children and adults.  This story will take you into the San Antonio Fiesta.

You can see more about or order the book on its Amazon site HERE:  The book was published in 2015 by 4RV Publishing.