For Schools

I offer four types of programs for schools. I prefer to give multiple presentations (up to five) in a day rather than one large group.  I usually use the library as a base, though some schools have used auditoriums, cafeterias, etc. Two or three classes are rotated in at a time for a 45-minute presentation.  Each presentation has costumed storytelling, a show-and-tell table with a display, and music (guitar/vocals) appropriate to the presentation. The presentations are interactive fun, they develop the vocabulary, enrich their understanding of history, and are designed with state benchmarks and standards in mind.

  1. Songs & Stories of the Rio Grande Valley
    This presentation focuses on original and historical songs written about the Rio Grande Valley and upon its individuals, history and geography.
  2. The Scots and Irish
    To develop interest, vocabulary, and appreciation for the Celtic cultures, music and history, especially that of the Irish and Scottish.
  3. America’s War Between the States 1861-1865
    Usually referred to as America’s Civil War, this costumed program centers on the causes, influential people and facts of that war, life during the war for soldiers and civilians, flags of the war, and the music of the war.  My CD Bard of the South has many of the songs I use for this program.
  4. State History
    Addresses state test benchmarks and standards. I design a costume and presentation for each state.  Here’s a video example of my Texas History Program.