Poem to the Clan Young, Tartan Day 2010

On April 10, The Scottish Society of the Louisiana Hielands sponsored their annual Tartan Festival. buy albion silver It was great fun! If you’d like to see photos and see the fun at this festival, go to this site:

My clan, the Young Clan, was the honored clan for this event. albion gold Here is a poem I wrote and read for the event. buy albion gold I’d previously written two poems for the Clan Cumming. albion silver Perhaps I’ll set out to write a book-length series of poems for many more clans of Scotland.

Poem for the Clan Young by Rickey E. cheap albion gold Pittman Rebore Prudentia Praestat (Prudence Excels Strenth) They started on the border, Then spread, this noble clan, With Scotland’s diaspora, To many distant lands. cheap albion silver Some of them were reivers, Some wild gypsies it’s true, Some fierce and loyal Jacobites, And outlaws, not a few. buy albion gold Youngs lived among the Cherokee, Made the flags for Fort McHenry, Played Jedhart Ball with English heads, Of which they always had plenty. Some were sheriffs and officials, Scientists, writers, and soldiers too, Fighting with the 42nd Black Watch, In the battle at Waterloo. cheap albion gold Today, they are our honored clan, On this special Tartan Day, Let pipers play and Scotsmen cheer, As the Young clan leads the way.