Ode to Mexican Beer

“Ode to Mexican Beer” by the Bard of the South, Rickey Pittman

 Salud! O Brew, O Friend, Cerveza,
The first taste against my lips
Was like a cool lover’s kiss!
And since that day our
Lips have met many times.
How much magic is in you!
Dos Equis, You change me into the
Most Interesting Man in the World,
Beer, you are the Sol, the Estrella of my heart!
A Modello of perfection!

I give thanks and praise to the
German and Czech immigrants
Who brought us their secrets of brewing!
Emperor Maximillian’s two brew-masters
Traveled with him everywhere in Mexico,
Observing, whispering advice, and creating
Breweries and microbreweries and
The Mexican beers I so love today!
As Plato once said to the beer drinkers of old,
“He was a wise man who invented beer!

Brew, you comfort me on hot Valley days,
Warm, spicy and refreshing as a Michelada,
Always good for what ales me,
The blonde I never grow tired of,
Martin Luther said, “Those who drink beer
Get to walk straight through the Pearly Gates,”
And so, even if there’s a tear in my beer,
I’ll never fail to order a six-pack to go,
Beauty will be in the eye of this beer-holder,
And on La Navided, I will toast you Buena Noche!