My Hometown Lyrics by Bo Depeña

Another song by one of my favorite Texas musicians! I (and I think he does to) plays it in C in G position using capo.

“My Hometown” by Bo Depeña

I never dreamt of missing Laredo I never thought I’d be so down But I sit here and pray for tomorrow When I wake up in my own hometown I never dreamt of hating this city Where once you’re lost, cheap albion gold you’re never found, albion gold Well I don’t think I remember the sunrise The way it rose in my hometown. cheap albion gold I never dreamt of missing my brother He and I don’t get along But before I reach the point of regretting, Gonna meet him in my hometown. Well I never dreamt I’d lay here beside you Talking about this place we’ve found Well we don’t belong on dirty old sidewalks, buy albion silver We belong in our hometown. Repeat V. buy albion gold 1: There’s no way out of here. albion silver There’s no way out of here There’s no way out of here. buy albion gold Anymore, cheap albion silver anymore.