Memorial Day Thoughts and Music: “The Last Day in May”

On this day we need to remember the sacrifices of our ancestors and our loved ones who have sacrificed so much for the country they love. I posted below the words of a song I have done every year when I perform for the Blue Star Mothers of America. You can read about them here:     And here is a YouTube link of Jed Marum performing the song. The lyrics for the touching song are below. Let me know what you think of this post. Jed’s song is available on iTunes if you are into iTunes.  Just look for “Last Day in May” by Jed Marum. It’s on his Miles from Home CD.

Here’s the YouTube link:

“The Last Day of May”  Songwriter, Michael Troy; performed by Jed Marum

1. On the hillside of tears

Stones stand like soldiers

All at attention, all in a row

Frozen in time, youthful in pictures

Too brave to stay, too young to go

2. Here’s to the boys,

who all went before me

No honor or glory, could ever repay

The lives that you spent

Just tears in showers,

and hands full of flowers

On the last day in May.


Though the valley of death,

did swallow them whole

God let no soul, die in vain

When the boundaries of peace,

get out of control

Let the Angel of Mercy, hold close their names.

3. There’s a house, with a wall

With all of the pictures, of all of the children

All of them grown

There’s a woman in the house

Who raised all the children

Who could never sleep easy, till all where at home

4. Here’s to the mothers,

who paid the ultimate price

Made to live out their lives, in grief all the years

Here’s to the fathers, who comfort their wife

With nothing to offer, but buckets of tears


5. In fields of green pastures

They lie by still water

All at attention, all in a row

Though flesh turns to dust, souls are forever

They restored the order, our cups overflow