Just a Photograph: A New Song by Rickey Pittman

Here are the lyrics of a new song I’ve written, one I hope to include on my next music CD, which Jed Marum has agree to produce for me. The CD will either be a collection of originals, or a Scots-Irish CD, with a few extra originals on it.  Anyway, here are the lyrics to my new song, “Just a Photograph.”

Every night I look at your picture
Every night I sing you a song,
Every night I kiss your memory
It seems to move the night along
They say a picture’s worth at least a thousand words
A picture holds the truth, even if it’s blurred,
There’s two people in every photo
They say the camera never lies
This photo reminds me of our story,
And how I loved those sad green eyes.

I think love’s always in color,
It’s seldom in black and white,
Capturing secrets of our secrets,
Clear in  day but fading at night,
We’ll keep all those scenes
In the scrapbook of our heart
Posed or improvised
Models for love’s art
This photo captured you forever,
A portrait painted by the sun
Layers of our past and  present,
Before it all came undone.

I guess we frame all our memories
Like photos behind fragile glass
Then hang them on our heart walls,
Hoping that they’ll always last.
The photos may one day be faded
May be torn or may be lost,
I know it’s just a picture
Taken years ago,
But that’s how I’ll always remember you,
A green-eyed girl that I loved so.

This picture was developed
In the darkroom of our hearts
A mirror of our memory
Life and love divided into parts
It was a time when we were happy,
A time when we had souls,
Seen in love’s incandescent prism,
On  stage as if a tableau,
Our love flickered into existence,
And even now, it still won’t go.

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