Gwenllian: The Last Princess of Wales

At the Scottish Festival in Batesville Arkansas this past weekend, I entered a Celtic poetry contest and won second place with my song/poem, “Gwenllian: The Last Princess of Wales.” In this post, I thought I’d post some information about the song.

HERE is the link to iTunes to purchase the song:

Below is a YouTube video that will allow you to hear the song:

Here are the lyrics:

Gwenllian: The Last Princess of Wales

by Rickey Pittman, Bard of the South

Taken from her cradle
By bloody English hands,
After Longshanks killed her father
Llewellyn’s final stand

Now a cradle in Snowdonia
Rocks empty in the night
And a little girl is crying
From hunger and from fright.

I hear a ghostly lullaby
In this castle’s lonely halls,
And whispers of a princess
Who few can now recall.

Her mother died in childbirth
Now her father dead in war,
To a monastery banished
She’s held behind locked doors

In silent meditation,
And worn beads in her hand,
She passes lonely hours
An exile from her land.

In a monastery lonely
Where stone walls are so cold
A princess prays there weeping,
She’s 55 years old.

She never learned her language,
She never knew her name
Never knew a lover’s kiss
Never knew who was to blame.


Gwenllian, Wales last princess,
Wales story must be told,
Follow her sad footprints,
Across the bleeding snow.