“Devil on the Plow” by the Charlie Sizemore Band, Lyrics and Chords

Those who follow my rather fast-paced schedule across the South know that I often try to perform at farmer’s markets.  I believe in supporting our farmers, I believe in healthy food, and they are the type of down-to-earth people I ike to be around.   Here’s a song I intend to add to those shows.

“Devil on the Plow” by the   Charlie Sizemore Band

D                       C               G               D

He was born in Illinois, a midwest farmer’s son

D                       C               G               D

Black dirt land of the Iroquois, where the Kickapoo River runs

D                       C               G               D

A square mile of golden corn, kept his family fed

D                       C               G               D

Black coal to keep us warm, And a roof over our heads


C                                         G

And he was hot in the summer, cold in the winter,

C                         D

And his work was never done.

C                                 G

He had  a voice like thunder, arms like timber,

C                          D

I was proud to be his son

G                           D

And if there’s a farm in heaven

A7                              D

I know he’s there working now

G                                  D

But if that ain’t where he’s living

A7                                 D

He’s got the devil on the plow.

Verse 2:

It takes a different kind of man to make a living from the earth

What you reap and what you sow ain’t always what it’s worth,

I remember many nights when he could barely stand

A sore back, but he’d be alright

He’d be alright in mama’s healing hands.

CHORUS: (Repeat twice)