“Bobby, Baby” by Lera Lynn–Lyrics & Chords

In my recent travels and listening to satellite radio, I heard Prairie Home Companion and one of the performers featured was new to me–a folksinger by the name of Lera Lynn. She did a song called “Bobby, Baby” that really caught my attention. You can hear the song here on the Prairie Home Companion site (for the 5/12/2012 show) . I decided to post the lyrics and words for this song in this blog entry. Let me know if I transcribed any of the words incorrectly and I’ll change them.  Lera is definitely a songwriter and performer that has my attention.

Bobby, Baby

Capo 2nd Fret


Verse 1: There’s a bump on the hill, where your body lies

There’s a stone in the ground, reads “this man did try”

If you look to the east, you see your estate

Weathered and hollowed out by your mistakes

Em G
Oh Bobby, baby, we all know the truth

D Em
You were looking for love in all the bad that you’d do

Bobby, baby, we all know the deal

D Em
Your row was hard and long and straight up a hill
Am Em Am Em
Your mother was gone, your daddy did wrong

Am Em D
Your brother died by his own hand

Am Em   Am Em
Your wife tried so long, but you she disowned

Am Em D Em
Your daughter was lost with your land, with your land

Verse 2:

Every once in awhile, I still can see

Your blue eyes searching a way to be free

And I go to your grave, bottle in hand

And pour out your freedom right there in the sand




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  1. THAANNNNNK YOU! So glad I found Lera!! And this song has helped to play again and venture out to open mikes and parties.. thnx! Great artists….good tasting fans!!!

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