Lee-Jackson Speech by the Bard of the South

Here is a speech I wrote for a Lee-Jackson banquet. If you as a Southerner would like to use/adapt this speech at a Lee-Jackson Banquet or any other special occasion honoring the South or the Confederacy, you have my permission to do so. (Please give Rickey Pittman, Bard of the South, credit! And please email me and let know when/where you are using the speech) The Lee Jackson banquet celebrated every January by Southerners is an evening of good food, education, and entertainment with respect to the War for Southern Independence. It is named in honor of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson. You can see a great history of this event at this site: http://leejacksonday.webs.com/history.htm INTRO A. Grateful and honored to speak to you today. It is such a boost to the heart to see so many people who love the South together. I’m glad you made it past the speed traps, past the weariness of your workweek. Privilege to honor these two great men, two deserving, Christian, Scottish heroes of the South, men written about extensively, carved into the side of Stone Mountain, stamped permanently on our hearts. Greatness is hard to define, but easy to recognize in Lee and Jackson. B. In an apathetic, culturally and historically illiterate age, people who don’t even care about truth in history, events like this are too rare. This banquet, hosted by devoted Southerners for many years, is a rich tradition, a right tradition. By your attendance and energetic support, you show yourselves to be the foot soldiers and guardians of history. I’m an English teacher, and I teach college students who have no heroes. A hero is one endowed with great strength and ability, an illustrious warrior, admired for his achievements, noble qualities, great courage. This aptly describes both Lee and Jackson. Recently, Scottish nationalists called for the stories of William Wallace and other Scottish heroes to be taught in Scottish schools. Illinois State Redbirds It’s time we called for the teaching of stories of Robert E. Lee January 19, 1807 – Oct. 12, 1870 and Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson (January 21, 1824 [1] – May 10, 1863) and other Southern heroes to be taught in ours. (January 21, 1824 [1] – May 10, 1863) Our age screams, “There are no heroes!” Or worse, they hold up as heroes men and women who do not deserve the honor, who do not meet the definition’s qualifications. Bertolt Brecht, a German playwright said, “Unhappy is the land that is in need of heroes.” Our land is in need of heroes—not the glitterati, not gangstas, not robocops. not movie stars, but heroes. These men are icons and symbols of the Confederacy. I tell school administrators, in this age of standardized testing and what I call the “every child has a behind” act, that the way we are doing things we are creating more average and often savage kids, but certainly less great ones. YOU don’t make great students by government mandates, but by heroes who can give inspiration. I can make an ignorant student smarter, but I cannot teach an apathetic student. Apathy is the great destroyer of this generation. Our heroes are attacked by the haters of all things Southern—by politicians with malicious agendas, by a brainwashed press, historical revisionists and mythmakers determined to obliterate the names of Lee and Jackson and other Southerners from history and memory and our nation’s consciousness. J.D. Haines wrote an article in the Confederate Veteran Magazine titled, “The Dishonoring of Rob. E. Lee.” He says that we live in an age of politicians who will prostitute themselves to any cause if it yields votes and wins elections and will placate dissent. Air Jordan 4 Donna

They should quit apologizing when they do something the public doesn’t like. adidas stan smith donna If it’s right, you are a weak man if you apologize. These two men are our heroes, and with good reason. When one thinks of the Confederacy, one will almost certainly first think of them. They are the subjects of countless books, songs, poems, magazine and journal articles, and a multitude of paintings. We find their names on our Southern streets, schools, buildings, bridges, and monuments. Chapters of the SCV and DOC and OCR bear their names. On stamps, in our movies (Dukes of Hazzard – Gen. Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Jersey Lee)

  1. Today, I won’t burden you by sharing what you already know. The combined knowledge concerning these two men in this room is encyclopedic. There’s so much about them that I know you could teach me, and I hope you do. But I do want to share some thoughts about these two beloved Scottish warriors that I hope will inspire and help you. One day William came home from school and told his mother he had a part in a play. “That’s wonderful,” she said. “What part did you get?”

“I’m a Scottish father!” “Ah, go back and ask for a speaking part.” I say, let’s give these men a speaking part.

  1. We need to remember that these two men were teachers.
  2. Lee – superintendent of West Point, the school he had attended and left with honors. Not one single demerit. After the war was president of Washington college until his death in 1870. As president, he preserved traditional education, but expanded the college in technical areas—engineering and agriculture. fjallraven kanken uk (Did you know he had a pet rattlesnake in Texas? a pet chicken (Nellie) that laid an egg every day, slept under his cot. Had a dog named Spec)
  3. Jackson was professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy and instructor of Artillery tactics at Virginia Military Institute. And he had taught a black Sunday School Lexington Presbyterian church. There’s a very fine book, Stonewall Jackson, the Black Man’s Friend, and my own children’s book, Stonewall Jackson’s Black Sunday School.
  4. As teachers, they faced some difficulties teachers today face. Young students can be very difficult. They have difficulty thinking, memorizing, writing. One Scottish student came to his teacher. “I don’t deserve this zero on my essay.” The teacher said, “You’re right, but that’s the lowest I could give you.”
  5. In spite of similar difficulties, these men taught, and they still teach anyone who will listen to them.
  1. They teach us about honor and character.
  2. I heard once that character is what a man is in the dark, when he’s alone. NIKE ROSHE RUN
  3. Well, these men were constant, they lived their ideals, possessed strong ethics.

  4. Even in a savage war they refused to compromise their honor. Unlike Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Lee and President Davis refused to wage war against unarmed civilians. Womens Air Jordan 11 Why? Because it would compromise their honor. They believed in chivalry and civility, which as recent politics and news reveals is fading fast. They believed that a man should be civilized and not behave as savages or barbarians.

The South did not want to conquer the North, we only wanted the North to leave us alone, to listen to us. And that is so obviously right, that the children of the Northern tyrant victors were forced to rewrite history to make the war centered on history. And they have slandered Jackson and Lee by attaching their names to slavery. Incredible. When Jackson broke the largely ignored law against teaching blacks to read and write in the black Sunday school he started? Oh, and it was rigorous. Started at 3, locked the doors, Bibles and books given to the faithful and diligent. He supported them during the war with funds! Though no one is saying that “the Confederacy was in the forefront of the Civil Rights movement,” but neither was the North. I am saying that not all southerners were racists and that many northerners were racists. When Lee, who owned no slaves, and didn’t believe in slavery, fought Grant the Federal commander who had owned slaves? I’ve told everyone I can who bring up the war/slavery issue that Lee didn’t have slaves and didn’t believe in slavery, but it just doesn’t register. Their liberal brainwashed brains can’t process such truths. This is truly desperate logic. And listen, the people who demand we surrender our heroes, our battle flag, our heritage, giving in on one thing will not satisfied. They will never be satisfied. adidas pure boost chill sale These men teach us what love of God and country means. FREE RN What it means to be a true patriot. 1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. 2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

  1. They knew it meant one has to make choices. They made theirs, we must make ours.
  2. It means you take risks. These men risked it all and paid a terrible price.
  3. It means we must raise up a younger generation who know about these men. How many high school students and college students know enough to inform a stupid public about the truth of these men.

And we love these men. They are our heroes. They are gone from this earth, but they live in our hearts. One Civil War poem about Jackson’s unfortunate and untimely death says, “What have we left? His glorious inspiration, His prayers in council met/ living he laid the first stones of a nation, and dead he builds it yet.” Johnny Cash wrote a song “God Bless Robert E. Lee” Some of the words go, “But look away, look away Dixie. I don’t want them to see What they’re doing to my Dixie God bless Robert E. Lee I won’t ever stop loving you my Dixie Till they put me in the ground and the last words they probably hear from me Are God bless Robert E. Lee.” If we do not remember these two men, loved by their men, fear and respected by their enemies in their own age, then their statues will be defaced and toppled, and their rich legacy erased and the South crippled. And when we shame them, to use lines from a poem about Stonewall Jackson, “Freedom herself is writhing on the ground, and all the country bleeds.” In the words of a line from M. A Harper’s novel, I say to the North, “We’ve got Robert E. Lee and [Stonewall Jackson] you can’t have him.” Well, in the last words of Lee and Jackson, it is time to “strike the tent. Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees” I want to close with a reading of a poem of mine, published in the Con Vet and in my book of short stories. Nike Air Max 2017 Bianco Uomo

Music: There are a number of good songs appropriate for a Lee-Jackson Banquet. If you contact me, I’ll get you a list.

The Writing on Europe’s Wall: Thoughts on Open Door Immigration

In the Bible, in Daniel Chapter 5, Belshazzar, the king of Babylon, was feasting and praising foreign gods using the golden vessels that had been taken from the Jewish Temple. Nike Solarsoft God was not pleased at this insult. A hand appeared and it wrote upon the plaster wall, Mene Mene Tekei Upharsin. The prophet Daniel was called in to interpret. asics kayano 21 hombre The message was: Thy kingdom is divided & given to the Medes & Persians. The flood of Muslim immigrants into Europe has caused the writing to be written on the wall for several nations and the message given to Belshzaar applies to Europe. European countries are about to lose their identify, their safety, their culture, their values, and prosperity because of these immigrants. Todd Gurley II These foreigners did not immigrate to become Frenchmen, Germans, Danes, Swedes, etc. They did not come to assimilate or to become citizens who contribute to their new homes. There may be a few exceptions, but largely they only came for the handouts and benefits. European countries wanted to be generous and nice, but instead they’ve opened a floodgate that will be very difficult to close. Those they were nice to are emptying the nations’ coffers, creating riots, destroying property, committing acts of terrorism and crime, compromised the safety of their citizens, and contributed very little to the general good. This situation and conditions will not improve on their own and will only grow worse with more immigrants who are sure to follow the waves of this Islamic riptide. The open door policy is a Frankenstein, a monster that will hunt down and destroy its makers. Europeans really only have two choices: Stop the immigration or surrender in defeat. Vancouver Grizzlies Stopping the immigration might provide some stabilization if those present will assimilate properly, but I see no call or incentives for the immigrants to do this. Los Angeles Clippers Deportation, while rife with difficulties, might return the affected nations to some normality. comprar mochilas kanken Yet, the will required to return these aliens to their lands must be strong enough to see it through. I doubt the will is there. The second law of thermodynamics seems to be at work: Anything left to itself deteriorates. adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 damskie A nation can die a long, slow death if it does not protect itself from those who invade it. Porous borders killed Rome. Adidas Nmd Donna Bianche

It will kill Europe too. fjallraven kanken baratas One has only to look at the nations who have not allowed these hordes to enter their land to see the benefit of stopping the immigration and repairing the damage the open door policy has created.

“Fool that I Am” by Rita Coolidge: Chords & Lyrics

I’ve always loved this song since I heard it years ago in Grandy’s having a lunch with a friend, Robert Ables, asics scarpe da tennis in Columbia SC. new balance 999 homme noir Coolidge had just (or was going through) a divorce with Kris Kristofferson when the song was published. Here’s the chords and lyrics. asics gel quantum 360 donna A video recording of the song is below.

  • I’m working on my own arrangement for my show.

    “Fool that I Am”

    G D Oh, I tried to make the best of G C (walk down) All the sweet love that you gave me Am (walk up to C) Maybe I’m crazy C B7 Em But I keep on losing ground C D G Fool that I am, air max 90 femme noir et rose et blanc fool that I may be Am D G When will I ever know what’s true C B7 Em And if I found out differently Am D G Would I still love you?

    Two hearts breakin’,

  • Air Jordan 7 Homme
  • two hearts achin’ Someone’s takin’ more than they gave Trusting in someone Who has no trust in me

    Fool that I am,

  • fool that I may be When will I ever know what’s true And if I found out differently Would I still love you?

    Songwriters ROBERTS, NMD Adidas Dames BRUCE / SAGER,

    The Stranger in the Woods: A short review by the Bard of the South

    The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel is one of the best reading experiences I’ve ever had with a best seller. Generally, Rather than follow the Best Sellers List (which I’ve had suspicions about) I choose my readings (both fiction and nonfiction) based on my interests, my favorite authors, and my favorite genres–history, biography, and memoirs. cheap albion silver I was signing my book, The Rio Grande Valley ABC at The Twig, a fine independent book seller in San Antonio and conversing with the store manager and somehow our discussion drifted to this book. buy albion silver I bought the book immediately and had it read by the next day. cheap albion gold It was an absolutely amazing read. The book tells the story of Christopher Knight, a man of amazing intuitive intelligence, who disappeared into the Maine forest and survived there for twenty-seven years. buy albion gold I learned much more from this reading than I expected, though I’ve always had an interest in hermits, the ascetic monks, eremites, and secluded loners who have drifted through history, searching for solitude, surviving and sometimes shaping the civilizations they fled. albion gold This is a psychological and societal study of survival and values, as well as a profile of a determined individual who even to the author Finkel is difficult to define, describe, and defend or defame. I highly recommend this book. Read it, and you will learn much more about life, our country, and about nature than you realize. cheap albion gold   Finkel, Michael. buy albion gold The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. Alfred A. albion silver Knopf.

    Kara McCullough: The New Miss America!

    Hurrah for the outspoken new Miss America, Canotte Chicago Bulls buy albion silver Kara McCullough! Read her bio, lunette de soleil ray ban cheap albion silver very impressive! She is a chemist/woman scientist who dared to state affordable health care is a privilege, scarpe nike air max bambino scontate buy albion gold not a right! And she stated the the need of jobs is important, adidas nmd uomo cheap albion gold showing she has a work ethic. Nike Air Max Norge albion gold What a story! I am sure she will be a fantastic role model for so many young women.

    “The Moment I Tell You Goodbye” by David Olney: Chords and lyrics

    Townes Van Zandt reportedly once said, “Dave Olney is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard — and that’s true. buy albion silver I mean that from my heart.” I posted a YouTube video at the end of the post so you can hear the song. Here’s the lyrics and chords for this great song:   G D The ceiling will fall to the floor, D G The window will walk out the door, albion silver G D The old clock will run out of time, buy albion gold D G And reason will run out of rhyme. buy albion gold C G The sea will no longer be blue, albion gold C G / D The truth will no longer be true, cheap albion silver G D And everything left is a lie, D G The moment I tell you goodbye. cheap albion gold C G Tomorrow will never begin, cheap albion gold C G / D Forever will come to an end G D The sun will fall from the sky D G The moment I tell you goodbye G D The sun will fall from the sky D G The moment I tell you goodbye.