“Louisiana Moon” chords & lyrics by Avery Michaels

What a great song! I’ve included the chords and lyrics and the video. Be sure and purchase Avery Michaels song on iTunes!

Louisiana Moon Avery Michaels

G C, G C.

G             D                             C

There’s a ring around the Louisiana Moon

G             D                             C

And the stars are shining bright for me and you

G             D                             C

The wind is blowing memories across my mind

G             D                             C

Reminding me of all those hot nights


G                                             C         G

Louisiana Moon, shine down on me tonight

G                                 C                     D

Louisiana Moon, please help us keep it right


You were there when we started,

G                     EM

You’ll be there until the end,

AM7                           D                                 G.

Louisiana Moon, you will always be my closest friend.


Short Bridge: F/C

Verse 2:

You put a passion in the night with your soft glow

Like you’ve always done on those country roads

Send a message from your light for her to see,

When it glows against her skin, she’ll think of me.

Gumbo Ya Ya: A Louisiana Classic!

Written by Lyle Saxon, Edward Dreyer & Robert Tallant with cover illustration by Julie Dupré Buckner

In these classic, fascinating, and often terrifying tales – Mardi Gras Indians, Baby Dolls, the Zulu King, Loup Garou, and the headless horseman of Natchitoches – all share the stage.  Ghost stories from around the state mingle with the true horrors of figures like the infamous “New Orleans Axeman.”  Readers learn stories of the Creoles and Cajuns, southern church traditions, Voodoo rituals, hexes, and charms.

Gumbo Ya-Ya, “everyone talks at once,” expresses the tension between refinement and profanity, the sacred and the sensual – which defines Louisiana culture to this day.  This 70th Anniversary River Road Press unabridged edition’s contents are wholly true to the 1945 original edition.  First commissioned as a project of the Works Progress Administration Louisiana Writer’s Program, it has stood the test of time and is a book beloved by historians, locals, and visitors.  Long-time fans of this book, as well as new audiences,  will certainly enjoy this timeless look into an authentic and fascinating look at Louisiana in Gumbo Ya-Ya.

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