A chapter seven excerpt from my coming novel: Under the Witch’s Mark

My novel will be out in October, 2012. Plan on ordering it then.  This is from Chapter Seven, when Sheridan and Bronwynn go to a party.

My dad rose from the couch where he had nearly fallen asleep.  “I’m Eugene, Sheridan’s dad.  It’s good to meet you.”  He shook Bronwynn’s hand, into which my mother quickly inserted a goblet of sweet tea.

“I’m Bronwynn, Sheridan’s new and permanent girlfriend.  Let me give each of you a hug.”

I came out of my room just as she made this announcement of our status to my father and had hugged both of my parents.   I could tell that they liked her immediately.  She did have a winning way about her.  Smart girl.

I stood and ogled my girlfriend. Bronwynn wore a vizard mask, a dark cape, the skeleton key necklace she always wore on her neck, a glittery paisley cotton shirt tied in the front that nicely revealed that perfectly flat stomach, and she wore a long wraparound skirt. Then of course, there was the Bronwynn factor.

I had attempted an impersonation of Jimi Hendrix, wearing a broad-brimmed hat, a vest over a blue long-sleeved paisley shirt, and white bell-bottom jeans. My dad laughed when he saw me.  “What are you supposed to be?  Boy, I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that.”

“I’m a gypsy, Dad.  Watch out or I’ll put a spell on you.”  I wiggled my fingers at him.

“Well, I hope you can keep him straight for us,” my dad said to Bronwynn.  “A girl can have power over a boy that’s hard to explain.”