An Example of How Reconstruction Failed in Louisiana

When the War Between the States ended, Reconstruction was imposed upon Louisiana. Reconstruction, meant to be a deliberate punishment upon white society was a dismal failure in its efforts to “reconstruct” society in Louisiana in a positive way. Military rule enforced the will of the Federal government, allowing scalawags and carpetbaggers to fleece the subjugated ┬áSoutherners. One area in which the government especially showed its incompetence and corruption was in the area of education. ┬áThe requirements to serve in education were not very rigorous. School directors were often unable to write their names. Here is a letter from the president of the Carroll Parish School Board, as printed in the National Republican, which as Ella Leon says, “is so ungrammatical and misspelled that it is almost impossible to read it.” Here is the Letter dated, Jan 9, 1972:

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This is another example of how government solutions and political opponents are not always in our best interest. Please share this post!