“1993” Song Lyrics by Rickey Pittman

“1993”   by Rickey Pittman

This song was inspired by a very good friend of mine who had a very hard year. The part of his going to Mexico is more or less true.  I do the song in Am.  Here are the lyrics.  Let me know what you think of it. You can hear the song on Spotify and iTunes. Click here to see/hear the song on Amazon

Verse 1:
Well, I thought that I had made it through all the hard times,
I thought the worst was over and that everything was fine,
I never ever thought that this could happen to me,
But the roof fell in, back in 93.

I didn’t think lightning could hit me twice,
I chose to ignore a good friend’s advice,
I never really thought that she’d ever leave,
But that’s what happened in 93.


What she did to me,
The year that finally broke my heart,

Verse 2:
I fell in love with a girl in Mexico,
I should have known better, but I just had to go,
I booked us a room in a Holiday Inn,
Things were fine till her daddy barged in.

You might say things didn’t go so well,
I ended up in a Mexican jail,
It took a lot of money but they let me go,
And I got myself out of Mexico.

Verse 3:
Well, this storm blew in and it wrecked my life,
The rain kept a pourin’ on me every night,
I still hear her words, “Well, you’re finally free,
So enjoy yourself in 1993.”

Well, a bad year’s comin’ but it won’t be the first,
I really doubt that anything could make things worse,
I’ve done some thinking and I finally see,
That the worse year of all was 1993.